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Enbridge is committed to pursuing innovation and technology solutions that drive higher levels of safety, reliability and productivity in how we deliver energy. Across the enterprise our entire team is encouraged to think creatively, challenge conventional thinking and put forth bold new ideas.

Enbridge Innovation lab presentation

$14M invested in innovation

In 2018 we invested about $14 million in technology development and innovation projects. These projects are focused on the use of advanced analytics in our pipeline and power generation businesses, renewable energy technology and enhancement of the safety, efficiency and capacity of our assets.

Our two Technology + Innovation Labs are designed to spark the spirit of innovation and use the power of data to improve safety and reliability while accelerating technology driven business solutions.

Enbridge Innovation Lab

Innovation Accelerators

“We’ve been given the keys to unlock any data, leverage the latest technologies and work in a fast-paced, focused environment to produce a solution unique to the marketplace"

Jacob Parakadan, Manager GTM,
Operations Systems and Product Owner

The labs, based in Calgary and Houston, are pioneering the development of innovative products through small agile teams. The labs were created to allow for “boundary-less” collaboration and creativity— and to serve as a platform for launching innovative ideas and solutions for our toughest business and industry challenges. Employees are encouraged to submit Shark Tank-style proposals to make our business more competitive, foster collaboration and fuel innovation.

The Houston lab launched in 2018 with an initial focus on how we gather, process, store and transform pipeline integrity data into actionable information. The work is centered on developing an integrated system that leverages technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of Things solutions, to help us recognize and address asset risks.

The project holds great promise for Enbridge, our industry, customers and communities by making our approach to asset integrity more predictive than prescriptive, ultimately ensuring confidence in safe, reliable operations.

VR pipe inspection
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Enbridge is continually looking for opportunities to enhance existing technologies, and advance new ones, in the areas of design, prevention, monitoring and leak detection to keep our pipelines and distribution systems safe.

We see it as our duty to work with innovators, researchers, regulators and our industry peers to drive safety and reliability performance to new levels.

We also know that the world is looking to us and other members of the energy sector to help society make the transition to a lower-carbon future, so we are investing in alternative energy and promising innovative technologies to support that change.

Upping our game with I-Frame

In our LP business, innovation is being driven through a new framework called I-Frame, incorporated into our Information Management System. The goal of I-Frame is to provide a pathway for people across the Company to share ideas and innovative problem-solving. Fostering an environment in which teammates are encouraged and inspired to be creative leads to improvements in productivity, value and solutions to some of our toughest challenges.

Efficiency and ELSA: Supporting the energy industry with high-tech pipeline scheduling

Learn more about our Technology+Innovation Lab's work.

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