Community Investment

Our activities in a variety of areas—whether it’s community investment, workforce diversity, ethics, procurement or environmental protection—help achieve greater harmony, efficiency and prosperity.

We’re committed to improving quality of life within communities where we live and operate, and we do it by partnering with organizations that champion solutions for safety, environmental and social issues.

Business Context and our Strategic Response

With operations, projects and offices across North America, we touch hundreds of communities—from big cities to small towns and all points in between. For some communities, our relationship goes back decades; in others, as we expand our systems and build new energy infrastructure, we’re developing new connections with our landowners and neighbors. In all communities, as a corporate citizen, we believe strongly in our responsibility to be part of those communities—to give back and to contribute to their strength and vitality.

Our purpose is to fuel quality of life and we do that by investing in organizations and initiatives that enable impactful and sustainable change. We collaborate with community leaders to identify local priorities and we focus our support toward organizations that champion solutions to safety, environmental and social issues. We encourage and support our employees in giving of their time and talent to make their communities better places for all of us to live.

To see where we have been investing recently in Canada and U.S., please see our Community Investments 2018 Map.

Our Approach

We align our community investments with our core values and business strategies, and we believe the most effective social investments are made through strategic relationships with organizations dedicated to serving our communities. We use frameworks that provide us with a consistent focus, process and reporting system to help us evaluate requests for funding and make decisions on the investments we make.

Community Investment is an integral component of our broader approach to Regional Engagement Planning and project engagement planning with significant input and decision-making from Enbridge employees who live and work in our operating regions. Investments in cities where we have major offices, and in programs delivered across multiple regions, are managed by a centralized team. We focus our investments in three core areas.

Enbridge’s Three Core Areas of Community Investment

Core Areas Community Investment

Our Performance

Investing Strategically in Communities Where We Work and Operate

In 2018, we worked closely with community organizations to focus our resources and support. We acquired an understanding of their concerns, needs and aspirations through:

  • Ongoing conversations with community leaders and stakeholders.
  • Information gathered by Enbridge representatives who live and work in our communities and who regularly meet with community representatives.
  • Direct requests from employees and community organizations.

In response to what we heard, we invested more than $22.4 million in organizations across our operational footprint that are aligned with our three focus areas. Some of our investment highlights in 2018 are noted below.

SPOTLIGHT: Community
The fight against ‘social enemies’

The fight against ‘social enemies’

They’ve got an historical name, but a modern fight on their hands. The Iron Nations Rangers, in west-central Saskatchewan, were recently formed as an anti-drug, anti-gang program for youths by the File Hills First Nations, with a $15,000 grant from Enbridge to launch the program. “We still have common enemies, but they’re new enemies. Drugs, gangs—social enemies. We wanted something to counteract that,” says Len Busch, chief of police with the File Hills First Nations. The Iron Nations Rangers, aged 10 through 19, learn traditional skills, life skills and survival skills, with the program aimed at citizenship, improved self-esteem and community responsibility.

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Employee Engagement

Lennina Pavon Cardoso

“We fuel quality of life by supporting communities where we live and work. We are very proud of our many volunteers who participate in our programs to strengthen communities through volunteering and giving."

Lennina Pavon Cardoso,
Senior Advisor, Community Investment

Volunteerism is a vital part of who we are as an organization. Giving back to the community provides our employees with the opportunity to work with other employees they may not engage with on a regular basis, provides a great deal of personal satisfaction and allows our employees to gain valuable leadership skills.

Enbridge’s Our Community Partners and Helping Hands in Action employee engagement programs provide support to employees who wish to contribute their time and dollars to local charitable organizations and programs. These important programs help employees to make a difference in our communities and further improve quality of life. In 2018:

  • More than 460 employees participated in the Our Community Partners program, volunteering nearly 11,400 hours for causes they care about. The Company supported their efforts with more than $208,000 in volunteer grants.
  • Helping Hands in Action awarded nearly $370,000 in grants, $505,000 in matching gifts and completed 367 projects focused on improving quality of life in our communities.

We are reviewing our employee giving and volunteering programs with the objective of launching a new, enterprise-wide program in 2020.

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