A Message from Our Vice President, Sustainability

Roxanna Benoit

Roxanna Benoit
Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability

Welcome to Enbridge’s 2018 Sustainability Report. We appreciate your interest and are pleased to have the chance to connect with you on the sustainability issues important to us all.

We began reporting on our sustainability efforts in 2001. Much has changed in the intervening 18 years. Our company has expanded—and evolved. Today we manage diverse assets, including pipelines that deliver oil and clean-burning natural gas, and a growing portfolio of offshore wind. Technology has advanced exponentially, transforming the way energy is produced, processed, transported and used. As a leading North American energy delivery company, Enbridge engages decision makers, rightsholders and stakeholders whose expectations and requirements vary greatly. But they are aligned in their desire for more affordable, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy. You’ll read about that common thread in this report, along with the steps we’re taking to build relationships and operate safely, responsibly and reliably.

This report defines our corporate social responsibility (CSR) priorities and assesses our performance. But it is also a reflection of the world we work in—and the priorities held by readers like you. As society changes, so do the demands on organizations like Enbridge to adapt, respond, step up and contribute to meaningful and sustainable solutions to energy challenges and opportunities. For this reason we listen to and learn from customers, suppliers, communities, governments and a wide array of stakeholders. That input informs and improves our sustainability program, which is as dynamic as our changing industry and world.

Just as we continually seek to improve our performance, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our processes for reporting and accountability to make information more useful to you:

  • We strive to be transparent and forthcoming with data, metrics and relevant context and background.
  • We utilize generally accepted sustainability reporting standards developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to make it easier to compare our performance over time and against peers, and we continue to monitor development of frameworks such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (you can find a detailed GRI Index beginning on Page 91).
  • We engage with our stakeholders throughout the year to hear what’s on their minds—and respond accordingly in our reporting and overall approach.

In addition to this report you can find specific, complementary information in the following:

Much has changed since our debut Sustainability Report nearly two decades ago. What hasn’t changed is Enbridge’s commitment to do well as a business—and do good as a corporate citizen. We hope you’ll let us know how we’re doing.

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Roxanna Benoit

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