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Enbridge is one of North America’s largest energy infrastructure companies with an extensive delivery network of crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and renewable energy. Our purpose is to provide safe, reliable energy that fuels people's quality of life. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada we have major offices in Houston, Edmonton, Toronto, Duluth, Superior and Chatham. We employ nearly 14,000 people who bring energy and ingenuity to work every day.

Building Connections. Enbridge connects energy supply with growing markets in North America … customers with solutions … and communities with opportunity.

We conduct our business through three core businesses—Liquids Pipelines (LP), Gas Transmission and Midstream (GTM) and Gas Distribution and Storage (GDS)—and a growing renewables portfolio. We work across North America in eight Canadian provinces and territories and 41 U.S. states. We operate locally, living and working in the communities near our operations.

We move approximately 25% of North American crude oil supply, and deliver about 20% of the natural gas consumed in the U.S. We operate one of the fastest growing natural gas utilities in North America, serving 3.7 million customers and heating 75% of homes in Ontario. We own and operate Canada's largest natural gas storage facility and the secondlargest physically traded hub in North America (Dawn Hub).

We were early investors in renewable energy and one of the largest renewable energy companies in Canada. In 2018, Enbridge developed a partnership with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) focused on growing our global offshore wind portfolio. Our net interests in renewable power facilities—either operating or under construction— have the capacity to generate more than 1,700 MW of zero-emission energy in North America and Europe, which is roughly enough energy to power about 700,000 homes.

Our acquisition in 2017 of Spectra Energy Corp accelerated our growth in lower-carbon natural gas, and our asset base today reflects the global energy supply mix. Our footprint gives us optionality to grow and capitalize on opportunities in the transition to a lower-carbon economy. Today, the portion of our portfolio focused on natural gas is approximately 54% of net assets and approximately 45% of earnings.

Enbridge recognizes that consumers want more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. We see significant opportunity in diversifying the products and services we offer to respond to global supply and demand preferences. We pride ourselves on providing the energy people need and want, safely and reliably—to fuel our day to day lives. That’s what Enbridge is all about.

Enbridge asset map

Sustainability Goals and Performance

Below are highlights of our sustainability performance in 2018. Please refer to Performance Data beginning on Page 85 for full details.

Goal Performance 2016 2017 2018
Operate Safely, Reliably and Responsibly
Continue to ensure safe workplace for our employees and contractors Employee Total Recordable Incident Frequency (number of recordable incidents x 200,000 hours/total hours worked) 0.78/0.55 (SE/ENB)1 0.72 0.69
Employee Days Away Restrictions and Transfers Frequency (days away incidents x 200,000 hours/total hours worked) 0.34/0.24 (SE/ENB)1 0.41 0.33
Fatalities 2 (ENB contractors) 0 1
Maintain the integrity of our system Pipeline inspections on our liquids and natural gas pipelines and distribution networks 15,6812 26,719 29,153
Volume of reportable liquids spills (barrels) 657 8,470 411
Number of reportable liquids spills 8 13 14
Number of reportable natural gas process safety events 15 34 26
Exercise our emergency response teams Drills, exercises and equipment deployments to hone our emergency preparedness skills 335 365 315
Protect the Environment
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations Scope 1: Direct Emissions (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e)) 2,445,0002 10,214,000 10,680,000
Scope 2: Indirect Emissions (tCO2e) 5,225,0002 6,436,000 6,795,000
Help our natural gas utility customers reduce their energy use and emissions impact Cumulative natural gas savings since 1995 (billion cubic meters saved to date) 22.9 25.23 27.63
Advance renewable energy investments Net interests in renewable power facilities (megawatts) 2,402 2,555 1,7504
Renewable power generation facilities—under construction and in operation— in which we have an ownership interest 24 28 31
Support Communities and Suppliers
Invest strategically where we live and operate Investments in non-profit organizations to support safety, community and environmental priorities (Millions of dollars) $13.42 $23.9 $22.4
Build meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and project stakeholders Indigenous spend in Canada and U.S. (procurement, employment, training, etc.) (Millions of dollars) $92 $217 $394
Energize our Workforce
Engage and develop our workforce Training investment per employee $1,609 $1,071 $1,316
Promote diversity, equality and inclusion Women in top management positions 19% 22.4% 22.8%

1 2016 shows respective Enbridge and Spectra data prior to the companies' combination
2 Legacy Enbridge data only (does not include data from legacy Spectra Energy).
3 2017 and 2018 spending and results are unaudited and subject to change.
4 Sale of a 49% interest in 2018 in select assets in our North American onshore renewable portfolio. Enbridge remains the operator of the facilities.

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