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Al Monaco

Al Monaco,
President & Chief Executive Officer

2019 marks 70 years since Enbridge began construction on our first pipeline to connect vital supplies of Alberta’s energy to markets in the U.S. and eastern Canada. Our approach to the business has always been grounded in respect for people, communities and the environment, and focused on delivering long-term value for our stakeholders—an approach that's essentially our definition of sustainability in our business.

Our company has adapted and grown by capturing the opportunities created by changing market fundamentals on energy supply and by being responsive to the energy needs and wants of our customers and consumers. We’ve made safety and protection of the environment our top priorities and we listen, and act, on the input of our stakeholders—from those who work with us and invest in our business, to those who live near our assets and operations that today crisscross a continent.

Our job now is to position our company for the future— for the next 70 years and beyond.

We took significant steps toward this goal in 2018. We invested $7 billion in new pipeline connections to link essential energy supplies to people and places across North America. Rampion Offshore Wind became the first of our European offshore wind projects to commence operations, connecting enough emissionsfree energy to power 350,000 homes. In August 2019, we announced investment of $1.8 billion to proceed with our fourth offshore wind farm, Saint Nazaire, off the coast of France. This is part of our strategy to invest in lower-carbon-intensive infrastructure.

We’re working hard to cultivate a workforce that is diverse and inclusive—reflecting the communities around us, broadening our perspectives and enhancing our decision-making. We’re leveraging technology and innovation, including the launch earlier this year of new Technology + Innovation Labs in Calgary and Houston to accelerate technology-driven business solutions.

We know continued success relies on high standards of governance, with policies, sound management practices and strategies to address the environmental and social issues of greatest relevance to our business and stakeholders. We remain committed to transparency and to holding ourselves accountable for our performance.

Through ongoing stakeholder engagement, we’ve affirmed three critical—and foundational—areas of focus and performance:

  • Delivering energy safely and reliably, protecting people and the environment.
  • Engaging in a meaningful way with local and Indigenous communities near our operations.
  • Expanding access to energy systems integral to a lower-carbon economy.

Safety and Operational Reliability

We work hard to deliver outstanding safety performance, and we are deeply affected by two fatalities we experienced—one the loss of a member of our own team last year in a helicopter accident, the other the result of a rupture on one of our Texas Eastern natural gas pipelines near Danville, Kentucky in August 2019. We experienced three incidents on our natural gas system in late 2018 and early this year; fortunately, no one was injured.

Our first concern in all instances is for those impacted and ensuring the safety of the community. These incidents serve as a critical reminder of why the safety of our systems has and always will remain our number one priority.

No incident is acceptable to us. We believe that all incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented; these events deepen our resolve to ensure that everyone working on our behalf goes home safely at the end of the day, and that the public and environment are protected from harm. We're taking specific steps to further strengthen our safety culture and mindset—and ensure, with confidence, the integrity of our systems and the safety of our people.

Connecting with Communities

We never lose sight of the people at the end of our pipelines or those who live along the miles we traverse getting there. We serve hundreds of communities across North America, and our connection with those communities begins long before we lay pipe. We engage early with stakeholders and Indigenous groups who live and work near our projects and operations; this dialogue helps us understand community interests and concerns, environmental, cultural and historic sensitivities, and how we can contribute to the vitality of communities and regions.

Our relationships with landowners, communities and Indigenous groups are essential to our long-term success, and we focus on building partnerships that endure over the lifecycle of our assets. Our neighbors hold us to the highest standards—as do we. By listening to them—taking the time to learn and seek to genuinely understand community priorities, and to educate ourselves on Indigenous history, traditions and culture— we build and strengthen positive partnerships. Our report outlines our engagement on key projects such as the Line 3 Replacement Program, and how we approach the challenges and opportunities involved in engaging meaningfully and effectively.

Pathways to a Lower-Carbon Economy

As a leader in North American energy infrastructure, Enbridge has an important role to play in providing access to energy that is cleaner. That role involves contributing to greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and seeking new and improved pathways to deliver energy safely, responsibly and sustainably.

We’re factoring climate considerations into all aspects of our business decision-making. We’re focused intently on energy efficiency and emissions reduction; this includes the development of next-generation GHG emission reduction targets and plans to meet them. We are also working to introduce carbon sensitivity analysis into our capital approval process. We are strong proponents of partnerships, sound policy and research aimed at climate solutions and a smooth and balanced energy transition.

In conjunction with this report, in September we published a separate report, Resilient Energy Infrastructure, addressing the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The report provides insight into how we see the transition to a lower-emission economy, the resiliency of our strategy and the role for our company.

As we begin our 70th year, our reality is a pace of change that is accelerating rapidly. What we know with certainty is that the world needs more energy. We are working hard to focus our strategic priorities and position our company to deliver energy that is affordable, reliable and sustainable well into the future.

Enbridge is a team of nearly 14,000 people across North America. Our employees and contractors take pride in what we do—and fulfilling our purpose to deliver the energy that fuels people's quality of life. I’d like to acknowledge and thank them for their continued dedication and commitment to being the best energy delivery company.

We appreciate your interest in Enbridge and welcome your input. Let’s stay connected!

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Al Monaco

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