Top 10 Reasons the L3RP is vital to Minnesota and the Midwest

Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project, a safety and maintenance-driven initiative, would help to ensure the future adequacy, reliability and efficiency of a secure energy supply in Minnesota and neighboring states.


Using the most advanced materials and up-to-date technology and construction methods will improve safety and environmental protection.


As a state without any domestic source of crude supply, Minnesota is reliant on imports to meet its energy needs.


Minnesotans consume more than 12.8 million gallons of petroleum products every day.


Minnesota’s two refineries produce more than two-thirds of the state’s petroleum products, and 70% of these products are refined from Canadian crude oil.


100% of pipeline-delivered Canadian crude oil supplied to Minnesota refineries comes from Enbridge’s system.


Enbridge’s system is fully utilized today and demand for pipeline capacity is expected to grow, even under the most conservative crude oil production forecast.


The restored capacity from a replaced Line 3 will be fully utilized and displace volumes of crude oil moving across Minnesota by rail.


Transporting more crude by pipeline instead of train will ease congestion on rail, freeing up more space for shippers of grain, chemicals and other commodities.


Access to reliable and secure energy supply will help ensure an affordable and reliable source of energy for consumers.


Renewable energy and electric vehicle growth is not sufficient to displace the demand for petroleum products. Petroleum will still be the single largest source of energy for Minnesotans for the foreseeable future.