Line 3 Replacement Program (Canada)

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Economic Benefits

Enbridge’s multibillion-dollar Line 3 Replacement Program represents one of North America’s largest pipeline infrastructure programs.

Spanning from Hardisty, Alberta to Gretna, Manitoba and south from the U.S.-Canada border into North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, the Line 3 Replacement Program will create thousands of jobs, generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue, and contribute billions to the GDP of Canada via direct, indirect, and induced benefits.

(Direct impact, as defined by Statistics Canada, measures the initial requirements for an extra dollar’s worth of output of a given industry; associated with this change will also be direct impacts on GDP, jobs, and imports. Indirect impact measures the changes due to inter-industry purchases as they respond to the new demands of the directly affected industries. Induced impact measures the changes in the production of goods and services in response to consumer expenditures induced by households’ incomes (i.e. wages) generated by the production of the direct and indirect requirements.)


During the construction phase of the Line 3 Replacement Program, an estimated 24,494 temporary full-time equivalent jobs will be created in Canada. This includes:

Direct Indirect Induced
B.C.: 190 B.C.: 60 B.C: 61
Alberta: 6,297 Alberta: 2,926 Alberta: 1,961
Saskatchewan: 4,457 Saskatchewan: 3,376 Saskatchewan: 1,342
Manitoba: 2,211 Manitoba: 1,063 Manitoba: 550
Total: 13,155 Total: 7,425 Total: 3,914

Labor Income

Labor income generated during the construction phase will amount to $1.82 billion in Canada. This includes:

Labor Income Generated
B.C.: $19.5 million
Alberta: $921.6 million
Saskatchewan: $652.3 million
Manitoba: $235.2 million
Total: $1.8286 billion

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The Line 3 Replacement Program will contribute $2.87 billion of GDP generated in Canada through the L3RP's design and construction phases. This includes:

GDP Generated
B.C.: $26.7 million
Alberta: $1.3896 billion
Saskatchewan: $1.0654 billion
Manitoba: $391.9 million
Total: $2.8736 billion


Economic modelling predicts that the project will result in estimated tax revenues worth $514.3 million to Canadian federal, provincial and local governments during the construction phase. These totals include federal and provincial goods and service taxes, federal income taxes, and excise taxes.

Taxes Generated
B.C.: $5.7 million
Alberta: $216.5 million
Saskatchewan: $183.9 million
Manitoba: $108.2 million
Total: $514.3 million

Communities Along the Pipeline

Local economies have benefited from the Line 3 Replacement Program through additional employment opportunities and spinoffs for goods and services required to support construction and ongoing operations. The project has stimulated local economies through the purchase of goods and services from local retailers and suppliers of accommodation and food for workers.

We value our relationships with the community. We exist to help fuel quality of life within communities where we work and operate in North America, and we do this by partnering with organizations that champion solutions for safety, environmental and social issues. In 2018, we invested more than C$19.5 million in community-strengthening initiatives across Canada and the U.S.