Voices of support: Line 5 and the Great Lakes Tunnel

Public support for our Line 5 tunnel plan has come from elected officials, policy experts, business leaders and media columnists—from Michigan and elsewhere.

The regional impact

The economies of Michigan, Ohio and elsewhere would face immediate and severe consequences if we did not have Line 5.

The Great Lakes Tunnel Project: Investing in Michigan's future

Enbridge is partnering with two world-class firms for construction, design and engineering on this more than $500-million private investment.

Fact sheet: Line 5 Straits of Mackinac tunnel

A Line 5 Straits of Mackinac tunnel would be state of the art, with enhanced safety features that reflect our commitment to protecting Michigan’s natural resources.

Michigan counties pass resolutions in favor of Great Lakes Tunnel Project

Resolutions gain momentum, echo support of most Michiganders

Line 5 newsroom

Learn more about Enbridge's $500-million Great Lakes Tunnel Project and our Line 5 pipeline, which has been energizing Michigan since 1953.

Safety. First.

Safety is not just a core value at Enbridge—it’s the foundation of everything we do. Proactively advancing the safety of communities, and protecting the environment, will always be our top priority.

Straits of Mackinac maritime operations center now fully operational

Enbridge’s suite of marine traffic safety systems further protects Michigan waters

Line 5 design work nears completion

Approximately 90% of the initial design work on an anticipated state-of-the-art tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac is complete, Enbridge reported today.

Enbridge's response to COVID-19

We're doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of our employees and the public.