Alberta Solar One Project

Enbridge is advancing a 10.5-megawatt (MW) solar energy project in the County of Forty Mile called the Alberta Solar One Project.

The Project is located approximately four kilometers west of the hamlet of Burdett, Alberta, and occupies half of quarter section NE-21-10-12-W4M near the intersection of Range Road 123 and Township Road 104.

The Project was jointly developed by Enbridge and Morgan Solar Inc. The project will be owned and operated by Enbridge and will use Morgan Solar Inc.’s SimbaX optical film embedded in the solar panels. It will involve the installation of solar photovoltaic panels, fixed tilt racking systems, internal access roads, cabling, electrical inverter/transformers, grid interconnection, and other related electrical equipment.

The project will connect to Fortis Alberta’s local electrical distribution grid from Burdett 386S substation via overhead power lines parallel to Township Road 104.


Alberta Solar One provides information and updates to stakeholders through newsletters, personal visits and phone calls. Your feedback is important to us.

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Project overview:

  • Type: Solar energy project
  • Status: Under construction
  • Location: Burdett, AB
  • Expected In-Service Date: Q1 2021
  • Expected Capacity: 10.5 megawatts (MW)

Project Information:

Project Timeline

October 2017 First landowner and stakeholder notification
November 2017 Open house
March 2018 Personal consultation with landowners within 800m
September 2018 Second landowner and stakeholder notification
December 2018 Power plant application submitted to Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)
March 2019 Land Use Amendment approved by County Council
April 2019 Received power plant approval from AUC
September 2019 Third landowner and stakeholder consultation
December 2019 Letter of Enquiry submitted to AUC
February 2020 Request for Amendments approved by AUC
Q3 2020 Construction begins
Q1 2021 Commercial operations begin