Administrative Law Judge supports need for Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project

April 24, 2018

Information update: April 24, 2018

On April 23, the Administrative Law Judge submitted a non-binding recommendation to the MPUC on granting the Certificate of Need and Route Permit for Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project. The MPUC will consider it and the entire regulatory record in making its Project determination.

Overall, we are pleased that the ALJ has agreed that there is a clear need for the pipeline as it is a critical safety and maintenance driven project. Replacing Line 3 will ensure community and environmental safety; it will also ensure reliable and adequate supply of crude oil to Minnesota and regional refineries, providing significant economic benefits to our state.

Our preferred route was selected for several reasons, including respect for Tribal Nations. We respect the sovereignty of all the Tribes and are working with each one individually to understand their concerns and interests. Further, the Final Environmental Impact Statement approved by the MPUC demonstrates that on balance, our preferred route is least impactful on tribal/cultural resources, proximity to drinking water and high consequence population areas.

In terms of the route, the ALJ Recommendation endorses RA-07, which is the existing pipeline corridor through Minnesota. We don’t agree with that recommendation and Enbridge continues to believe our preferred route is the best route for Minnesota when all factors are considered.

At this time, we won’t speculate on any potential implications of alternate routes. We will continue to seek approval for our preferred route. As this is a very detailed recommendation from the ALJ, we will be taking the coming days to review this document in greater detail, and may have more to say once we’ve completed our review.