Solar energy: is it economical?

The answer to this isn’t a simple yes or no. The costs associated with installing a solar energy source, whether at home, for a business, or large plant, can be pricy, but the long term savings are substantial.

While the sun’s rays are a constant and renewable source of energy, the price of solar panels, modules and photovoltaic systems can range from a couple thousand dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the output levels a home, business or power plant requires. 

However, governments around the world have created various subsidies and tax incentives to encourage people to invest in solar sources to lower emissions. And, as new technologies emerge, the cost of installation and initial investment will likely allow solar to become more affordable.

While installation and initial investment may be somewhat high, in the long run solar energy is economical because its source is renewable, constant and a long term cost-effective option. 

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When a country lacks land mass, innovation and technology are being used to harness the incredible power of the sun.

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