Non-regulated crude oil and liquids contract terminals

Currently, Enbridge is operating, or has under construction, contract storage at the following locations:


Hardisty, Alberta is the most important crude oil storage hub in Canada. Enbridge operates approximately 3 million barrels of salt cavern storage at Hardisty Caverns, and 7.5 million barrels of above ground storage at Hardisty Contract Terminal, with both facilities well connected, providing customers with the much needed optionality they require. Both facilities are currently completely subscribed. Enbridge is continuing to evaluate additional service options and growth opportunities to maximize the value of these facilities for both Enbridge and its customers.


Cushing, Oklahoma is the most important crude oil storage hub in the world and the location of the settlement of the New York Mercantile Exchange West Texas Intermediate (NYMEX WTI) contract. With 84 tanks and approximately 18 million barrels of storage capacity, Enbridge has one of the largest and well connected terminals in the Cushing area. The facility is currently completely subscribed. Enbridge will work to develop customer-initiated projects, as well as explore growth opportunities to optimize and increase the infrastructure of the Cushing facility.


The Oil Sands have various operational contract tanks throughout the system totaling more than 7 million barrels. Additionally, Enbridge has contract storage locations throughout the North Dakota system, 480,000 barrels of leased storage at Platte Pipeline’s Casper, Wyoming facility, and 400,000 barrels of storage at Patoka, IL with a large footprint for future development.

Contract Storage Capacity

Location Storage capacity in operation or under construction (millions of barrels)
Hardisty, AB 10.5
Cushing, OK 16
Other 8.8
Total 35.3

View our interactive map to learn more detailed information about Enbridge’s crude oil and liquids tank terminal assets.

Crude oil and liquids pipelines

We operate the world’s longest and most complex crude oil and liquids transportation system, with about 17,035 miles (27,415 kilometers) of active pipe.

Enbridge's mainline pipeline system at a glance

Our crude oil pipeline network crisscrosses the continent,  connecting producers with refiners to help fuel North Americans' quality of life.