Officers of Enbridge

Effective: March 4, 2020

Al Monaco President & Chief Executive Officer
Colin K. Gruending Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Cynthia L. Hansen Executive Vice President & President, Gas Distribution & Storage
Byron C. Neiles Executive Vice President, Corporate Services
Robert R. Rooney Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer
John K. Whelen Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer
William T. Yardley Executive Vice President & President, Gas Transmission & Midstream
Vern D. Yu Executive Vice President & President, Liquids Pipelines
Laura Sayavedra Senior Vice President, Projects, Safety & Reliability and ERP
Matthew A. Akman Senior Vice President, Strategy & Power
Phillip M. Anderson Senior Vice President, Business Development
Allen C. Capps Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Investment Review
Michael A. Fernandez Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer
Bhushan N. Ivaturi Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Mark A. Maki Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
R. Thomas Schwartz Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Marc N. Weil Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Roxanna Benoit Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability
Maximilian G. Chan Vice President, Treasury & Enterprise Risk
Leigh Kelln Vice President, Finance & Business Partner, Power, Energy Marketing & International
Brianne L. Metzger-Doran Vice President, Safety & Reliability
Jonathan Morgan Vice President, Investor Relations
Patrick R. Murray Vice President, Financial Planning, Analysis & Controller
Veenu B. Narula Vice President, Power Business Development
Leslie O’Leary Vice President, Enterprise Tax
Maistran B. Pillay Vice President, ERP & Enterprise Applications
William M. Ramos Vice President, Finance ERP Business Lead
Tyler W. Robinson Vice President, Enterprise Security & Chief Compliance Officer
Jennifer M.H. Strain Vice President, Corporate Law
Phil Teijeira Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer
Karen K. L. Uehara Vice President & Corporate Secretary
Wilhelmus J. Van der Ven Vice President, Power Operations
Cathleen A. Larson Ward Vice President, Business Optimization
Bruce J. Webster Vice President & Chief Audit Executive