L3RP Canada: Project details
See regulatory information, timelines, maps, and more for the Canadian portion of Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Program.
Final Line 3 Canada reclamation and Safe Work Protocol

Enbridge has implemented a COVID-19 Safe Work Protocol that will be followed during final reclamation of the Line 3 replacement pipeline ROW in Canada.

L3RP Canada: Indigenous inclusion

This project achieved an unprecedented level of Indigenous engagement, inclusion and economic participation in Canada during its construction.

Post-construction: The land restoration process

After the construction phase, Enbridge's goal is to restore the affected area to as close to pre-construction condition as possible.

L3RP Canada: Contact us
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'This project has been a success for our people'
Canadian First Nations leaders write an open letter to Minnesotans and U.S. Tribes, detailing the benefits of the Line 3 Replacement Program in Canada.