The business of energy innovation

Leaders, innovators and change makers gather for GLOBE 2016 Summit in Vancouver

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will deliver the opening address at North America’s largest and most influential sustainable business leadership summit.

The GLOBE 2016 Conference and Innovation Expo will unfold from Wednesday, March 2 through Friday, March 4 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

At least three Canadian premiers will together take the stage at GLOBE 2016 for a candid discussion of climate action, and opportunities presented by a low-carbon economy. A trio of Canadian provincial environment ministers will also share insights on how their respective governments approach climate action in an on-stage armchair discussion accessible to GLOBE 2016 visitors.

But Globe 2016 is a lot more than a public policy discussion. It’s also about business. And the business of addressing energy innovation is a very big deal.

Some of the world’s biggest companies and most respected brands are arriving in Vancouver to discuss climate action, clean energy and more. A who’s who of bankers, investors, energy executives and other business leaders are coming together under one roof to discuss how to use the power of business to address pressing global, societal, and environmental challenges.

”The international business community is investing in clean energy, creating new green jobs, and reducing emissions at an unprecedented rate,” says Mike Gerbis, chief executive officer of the GLOBE Series. “The challenges we’re facing as a society are really much bigger than you and me.

”Thankfully,” adds Gerbis, “businesses are really sinking their teeth into those challenges, and tackling them at the level of economies and markets.”

The GLOBE Leadership Summit is North America’s largest and most influential sustainable business leadership gathering. It’s a high-level forum for inspiration and collaboration between business executives, government officials, and civic leaders on how to leverage markets and innovation to turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.

”We’ve got a packed lineup of 241 innovators, thought leaders, and change makers from Silicon Valley, the UK and elsewhere, and they’re all coming to Vancouver to educate, engage, and empower one another,” says Nancy Wright, chief operating officer of the GLOBE Series.

Nearly 2,000 business and government leaders from 50 countries will come together to network and advance global business and sustainability agendas. As North America’s largest and longest running conference series dedicated to business innovation for the planet, GLOBE 2016 is about taking responsibility, forging new relationships and delivering business solutions to climate change.

”CEOs, executives, and civil society leaders from around the world have an historic opportunity to build upon the climate negotiations at COP21,” says Wright. “Where policy leadership goes, opportunity and investment follow. GLOBE 2016 is the place to seal business deals.”

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